8 staging trends to make your listings pop

1.Painted Cabinets

One budget-friendly way to modernize a kitchen or bath is to paint the cabinets. A smooth, white finish can instantly modernize dark or oak wood cabinets as well as brighten up a space. The cabinet hardware also can make a difference, such as swapping out existing knobs for trendier chrome pull bars. Using a professional painter for updating cabinets will cost about $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the size of the kitchen and labor involved. Still, the lighter color can offer a dramatic transformation to a kitchen at a fraction of the cost of just a minor kitchen remodel.

2.Outdoor retreats

Stagers are devoting more attention to outdoor spaces. Nearly 63 percent of residential architects said interest in outdoor living areas is increasing. Some of the most in-demand outdoor features include seating/dining areas, fire features, grills, and decorative water elements. Carving out three spaces when staging a deck and yard: a dining area with tables and chairs; a cozy seating area, such as a group of chairs around a fire pit; and a peaceful retreat with gravel or stepping stones leading to a garden with a small table or a bench overlooking a water feature.

3.Mood Lighting

Lamps are a hot home accessory warming up interior spaces this season, adding artistic and mood-boosting touches. Lamps create ambiance and the feeling of space, and also can be used to add pops of color. A rustic lamp or glass ceramic lamp can add texture and warmth to a space. Plain wrought iron lamps with ivory shades for table tops or floors can offer a modern edge to a room. So can table lamps with more flair, such as metallic or glass lamps that have colorful, patterned lampshades.

4.Lifestyle Appeal

Creating lifestyle vignettes. Created a "scene" with games on a table, bright red and green accents and furnishings, and vibrant artwork to add life to an otherwise vacant, sterile room. Stagers might research an area to uncover distinctive neighborhood interests that could be incorporated. Look at these trends and surveys and really research the buyer demographic for the home. Each little pocket has its own cultural appeal, keep in mind and with current trends to create the vision.

5.All That Shimmers

Add some bling to your space. Silver, the flashier cousin to gray, is adding shine to interiors this season. Gold and titanium also are joining the mix. Metallics can make rooms more luxurious, from silver and gold trays, lamps, and metallic-framed art to oval-shaped mirrors and metallic detailing on throws and pillow fabrics. Warm gold and brass are making a comeback, mostly in small doses, such as a vintage gold-framed mirror. Metallics offer shine that can lighten dark spaces, particularly when paired with glass, which has long been a favorite accent. Try adding more glass with tables, hurricanes, and lamps to accentuate the metallic shine.

6.Pops of Color

Nearly two in three home owners say they want more color in their home. Stagers are using "movable colors" — bringing in on-trend color pops through toss pillows and small accents such as candles — to offer color that can easily be swapped out when sellers move out. Paint companies have crowned purple hues the color of the year, and it's often being paired with other home accents in olive, turquoise, and light yellows. Blue accents are also hot, such as soft indigo, bright turquoise, and darker navy. There's is also a "navy comeback," as navy serves more as a neutral to decors, paired with everything from corals to yellows.

7. Mismatches

To break up the monotony of a space, stagers are mismatching furnishings, fabrics, and colors. For example, non-matching chairs around a dining table can add more visual interest to an area. End chairs may be swapped out for chairs in a contrasting style. Kitchen islands in a different color than the wall cabinets also is gaining popularity and can turn this kitchen feature into a focal point. 

8. Going Green

"Green" is a buzzword in real estate, and stagers are finding ways to reflect it in home designs. They're repurposing or recycling used items for home accents and bringing in more elements from nature, such as putting twigs in a vase. Repurposing antique furniture into hidden storage solutions is one of the biggest home organization trends, such as using an old trunk as a coffee table, according to  Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report. Try green staging accents such as: twigs in a vase filled with clear or white marbles; wooden pallets used to create an accent tray or coffee table; and an old bucket with a flower bouquet to decorate the front porch.

Contributor:Realtor Mag.